Trying to stop lectures from being so zzzz…

Why are lectures so sleep inducing? I remember well the effort required to keep your eyelids apart after 35-40 minutes. So, now that I am the lecturer, how can I keep my students at least awake, and hopefully interested? I am not going to talk about the most obvious point, which is to be an […]


Rushing here and there: planning an itinerary for a large scientific meeting

I’ve just returned from the 58th annual meeting of the US Biophysical Society in San Francisco. With around 7,000 scientists, multiple simultaneous sessions of talks and nearly a thousand posters every day, it is a large event, but not as big as many. Even so, working out what talks and posters you might want to […]

GPUs molecular dynamics

GROMACS 4.6: Running on GPUs

I mentioned before that I would write something on running GROMACS on GPUs. Let’s imagine we want to simulate a solvated lipid bilayer containing 6,000 lipids for 5 µs. The total number of MARTINI coarse-grained beads is around 137,000 and the box dimensions are roughly 42x42x11 nm. Although this is smaller than the benchmark we […]

distributed computing

Windows Azure for research

I recently attended the first training event in UK by Microsoft on how to use Windows Azure for research. A perspective I wrote for the Software Sustainability Institute has been posted on their website.

software carpentry

The Oxford Software Carpentry Boot Camp … one year on.

In October 2012 I organised a Software Carpentry Boot Camp at the University of Oxford. I’ve previously posted the feedback I gathered immediately before and after the boot camp, but thought it would be interesting to see if all that enthusiasm actually translated into deeds i.e. did the attendees actually change how they worked as result […]


So…. I’m a Software Sustainability Fellow

I’m pleased to announce that I am one of the Software Sustainability Fellows for 2014. I met all the other fellows when we were being selected and it is an amazing group with very diverse research interests and backgrounds. This means I have a responsibility to try and improve the development and use of software […]