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New publication: CRyPTIC GWAS of antitubercular resistance

Since the primary goal of CRyPTIC was to map the genetic variants in M. tuberculosis associated with resistance to different antibiotics, this genome-wide association study is one of the key research outputs of the project. It brings together all the samples with genetic and drug susceptibility testing (DST) data and therefore relies on all the […]

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New publication: BashTheBug works!

Yesterday eLife published the first paper from our citizen science project, BashTheBug, which was launched in April 2017 on the Zooniverse platform. (Update on 19 July 2022: the final formatted version of the paper has been posted on eLife). Through BashTheBug we asked for volunteers to classify images of M. tuberculosis growing on a range […]

antimicrobial resistance citizen science clinical microbiology tuberculosis

New refereed preprint: BashTheBug

BashTheBug is a citizen science project hosted on the Zooniverse platform that we launched in April 2017 and asked volunteers to help us assess how well 20,637 clinical samples of M. tuberculosis grow on one of 13 different antibiotics. To help engage with the volunteers it has its own blog, that has grown into the […]

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New publication: WHO catalogue of Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistant mutations

The CRyPTIC project collecting over 20,000 clinical samples of TB and for each, sequencing its genome and testing its susceptibility to 13 different antibiotics. A lovely unintended consequence of compiling such a large high-quality dataset is that CRyPTIC was invited to form part of the team that collected data and compiled the first catalogue of […]

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New preprint: Predicting antibiotic resistance in complex protein targets

In this preprint, which Alice has been working on for several years, we show how alchemical free energy methods can predict whether an amino acid mutation confers resistance to an antitubercular, but only in cases where the change in binding free energy is large. This is mainly because the confidence limits on the change in […]

antimicrobial resistance publication research tuberculosis

New Publication: Structure of MmpL3

Oliver Adams successfully elucidated the structure of the M. tuberculosis MmpL3 membrane transporter using cryo-EM and this has recently been published online in Structure. This was the main aim of his PhD studies in Simon Newstead‘s group in the Department of Biochemistry here in Oxford. It is an important protein structure since although other MmpL3 […]