Accelerating Oxford Nanopore basecalling

It looks innocuous sitting on the desk, an Oxford Nanopore MinION, but it can produce a huge data of data from a single sequencing run.

New Publication: Effect of SAO mutation on Band 3

There is a lovely story behind this paper just published earlier this week in Biochemistry. Reinhart Reithmeier came to visit Mark Sansom in Oxford whilst on sabbatical back in 2002. Now Reinhart, if you don’t know, is a world-expert on Band 3 which is the transmembrane protein in the membrane

Software Carpentry Workshop, Oxford, 9-10 January 2017

Earlier this week I instructed the first Software Carpentry workshop run by the Reproducible Research Oxford project. This is a one-year project supported by the

Shimano Ultegra 6800 Wheelset: an evidence-based review

Earlier this year I bought some new wheels for my commuting bike. They certainly felt like they made it faster, but did they? Since I

DTC Bioinformatics Module – Hackathon!

Last month I organised the Bioinformatics Module for the Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership – this immediately followed the DTC Programming Module, which I also taught part of. This was the first year I’ve organised this three-week module and was fortunate that we had five teams of lecturers from

DTC Programming Module – Feedback

Last month I finished lecturing part of the Programming Course that all the Doctoral Training Centre DPhil students do at the start of their first year. It is the first time I’ve helped teach the course so I thought I’d record some of the feedback I collected here. Overall the

PhD projects advertised

If you are interested in helping combat antibiotic resistance and want to work on an interdisciplinary computational project with the possibility of strong public engagement (through, please check out this project Antibiotic resistance in Tuberculosis: Predicting de novo the effect of individual genetic mutations. Supervised by me and Sarah alpha launch

I’m planning to launch a citizen science project,, in 2017 which has two distinct ways anyone can help combat antibiotic resistance. I’ve revamped and relaunched what will ultimately become the public-facing project website – please have a look. The first strand is closer to the light of day and

New Publication: Lipids can form anti-registered phases

When we think of lipids phase separating in a cell membrane we usually think of this process occurring symmetrically, i.e. with like on top of

New Publication: Proteins Alter the Stiffness of Membranes

Although there have been many studies of proteins whose primary function is to ‘sculpt’ the surface of membranes e.g. BAR domains, there have been very

New Publication: Membrane Compartmentalization Reduces the Mobility of Lipids.

Lipids are not free to diffuse around the cell membrane. Rather they are constrained not just by all the embedded proteins but also by the

Cheltenham Science Festival

A bit over a week ago I helped run the Modernising Medical Microbiology stall at the Cheltenham Science Festival. This was my first time helping